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Simple vs. Surgical Tooth Extraction

If your Tampa dentist has told you a tooth needs to be removed, your mind may now be running a wide range of painful scenarios. If a tooth cannot be saved or is causing pain or damage to other teeth or the jaw, an extraction may be necessary. Tooth extraction can sound like a scary event, but it is often not as bad as it sounds and can alleviate future pain or dental work. There are two different types of extractions: simple versus surgical. While these two different processes have the same end game, the process itself is slightly different. Consult with your Tampa dentist about the procedure.

Procedures Of  Tooth Extraction

Simple extractions can be done on teeth that are above the gum line. These teeth may have decayed or be causing other pain in the mouth from things like underlying gum disease. Pulling these can be done using local anesthesia right in your Tampa dentist’s office. While you may experience some pain or swelling, this procedure often heals quickly. Be cautious eating hard foods until you no longer experience any pain, and take care to clean your mouth thoroughly once healed.

Surgical extraction is just what it sounds like: teeth under the gum line are surgically removed while you are sedated. This might be a necessary procedure for your wisdom teeth, with can come in behind your molars and push permanent teeth together, causing a great deal of pain. The Tampa dentist will cut an incision in your gum in order to remove the tooth, and then stich the opening back up. For this type of extraction, your dentist may prescribe antibiotics to prevent any infections from starting and keeping your immune system healthy while your body heals. You will also have gauze in your mouth at the site of the incision to soak up any blood and keep the newly formed blood clot in place.

If you think you have a tooth that needs to be removed, call North Pointe Dental today and schedule an appointment. One of our trained dentists can discuss if a simple or surgical tooth extraction is needed and go over any questions or concerns.

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