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4 Things You Need to Know Before Getting Dental Veneers

Most Americans say that a smile is the first thing they notice when meeting someone. So, it’s not a surprise that so many of our patients say they feel insecure about their smiles. Whether you have a slightly discolored or chipped tooth or want to ensure your teeth are symmetrical and even, getting dental veneers might boost your confidence.

North Pointe Dental Associates specialize in dental services, such as dental implants, extractions, bonding, crowns, Invisalign, and teeth whitening. Today, some of the best Tampa-based dentists share the most important things you need to know before getting dental veneers.

How do veneers work?

A veneer is a thin porcelain shell that is applied to the front side of a tooth to hide imperfections. Although teeth whitening can help fix discoloration, be sure to consult your dentist before deciding what the best option is for you.

Remember, veneers are not removable. They can last between 15 and 20 years, even longer in some cases, and only a professional dentist can remove them.

Getting Dental Veneers

For some patients, only one veneer might be enough

You are likely seeing photos of people who have had a full smile makeover, with each tooth transformed into a uniformed collection of pearly whites. But not everyone needs a full smile makeover – sometimes, only one veneer is enough to cover the imperfection and restore your confidence.

You can go too white

If you are getting veneers for the first time, you might be tempted to go as white as possible. Many patients getting veneers, or going for their first teeth whitening, think that there is no such thing as having teeth that are too white. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The best dentists in Tampa will tell you to consider your natural complexion, as well as the color of your other teeth.

If you go with veneers that are too white, you might end up with a smile that does not look natural, which will only worsen the situation. Fortunately, there are veneers almost as translucent as natural teeth, making a new smile all more natural.

Not everyone is a good candidate

Some people are not ideal candidates for dental veneers. For example, if you have issues such as teeth grinding, underbite or crossbite, severely crowded teeth, or significant structural damage.

Getting Dental Veneers

Are dental veneers right for you?

If you are not happy with your smile, getting dental veneers might be a good idea. This simple procedure can give you a new smile in less than a month. However, it is best to discuss all options before deciding.

Here at North Pointe Dental Associates, we are home to some of the best dentists in Tampa. With more than 30 years of experience and thousands of satisfied patients, we offer high-quality Tampa cosmetic dentistry. Call (813) 961-1727 to schedule an appointment today.

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