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Three Everyday Habits that are bad for your teeth

We’ve all developed “bad habits” but how often do we really consider the damage they are doing to our bodies? Your Tampa dentist will most likely tell you that many of your habits are damaging to your teeth. Here are some habits your Tampa dentist would appreciate if you cut back on.

Tampa Dentist Appreciate You Avoid These Habits


It is well known that drinks like coffee stain our teeth, but few of us are willing to let this habit go. Drinking beverages like coffee, soda, and alcohol erode the teeth due to acidity and sugar. This habit leaves your teeth exposed to bacteria, meaning you may need to consult your Tampa dentist for oral health issues like cavities.

Chewing on Non-Food items

If you bite your nails or use your teeth to open plastic items, this is very damaging to your teeth. Our teeth were meant to chew food, and these other items can damage the enamel of your teeth, or in serious cases, chip your teeth. This is an important habit to drop especially if your teeth are already compromised by cavities, cracks, or gum disease as this has weakened them even further.

Brushing Too Hard

You might think that brushing hard is a more effective way to clean your teeth, but this can actually be a very damaging habit. Brushing too vigorously damages enamel and gums. Over-brushing also leaves you exposed to sensitivity and cavities.

Bad habits can be hard to break, but many of our habits can cause long term damage to our teeth. If you’re struggling to break habits, consult your dentist to discuss a plan on breaking these. The North Pointe Dental staff is here for you to take care of all your oral health needs.

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