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Is It Time For A Dental Extraction?

A Dental extraction, a.k.a. tooth extraction is a procedure that your dentist in Tampa may consider when your teeth are causing you extreme pain or are infected. A dental extraction requires the removal of your tooth from the bone and socket. A visit to your dentist’s office in Tampa will inform you whether one is necessary or not. So, remember to keep up regularly scheduled appointments and to let your dentist in Tampa know about your dental needs, wants, and concerns.

What are some of the reasons for a dental extraction?

  1. Crowded Teeth

Sometimes, teeth are unable to properly come in due to a crowded mouth or small jawbone. Extracting teeth may become necessary in order to make space for teeth to come in. This also means that your teeth can grow straight and therefore remove the necessity of braces. Another added benefit of removing crowded teeth is that it actually makes cleaning your teeth much easier and therefore can lead to fewer cavities.

  1. Infected/Damaged Teeth

If your tooth is infected or damaged beyond saving, then it could pose a risk to other teeth or even your mouth. So, removal will become necessary in order to stop any further damage. Minor damage or chips should be addressed quickly in order to avoid the tooth becoming infected and requiring more invasive procedures or even extraction.

  1. Impacted Teeth

Wisdom teeth removal or impacted teeth removal are the most common types of extractions. An impacted tooth can cause problems to the surrounding gum, teeth, and nerves. Again, wisdom teeth removal is one of the most common types because these teeth usually become impacted and therefore cause problems.

So, what should you do if your dentist suggests a tooth extraction? Well, it is best not to wait. The longer you wait, the greater the risk for your healthy teeth to become infected or damaged.

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