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Six Ways to Heal Tooth Decay and Reverse Cavities

This past week, we celebrated the yearly tradition of Halloween and we all know what that entails – lots and lots of candy. The indulgence of sweets can go on for nearly weeks and even months depending how well trick or treating went. But, let us ask you a question: Are you being cavity-conscious? As you know, sugary sweets are one of the biggest enemies of teeth which contribute to tooth decay and reverse cavities.

What are cavities and tooth decay?

Tooth decay occurs when tooth enamel softens. What causes enamel to soften are acids which are created when plaque bacteria break down sugar in the mouth. The decay happens over time and its result is a cavity. Cavities are defects left in the tooth.

Many people believe that the only options for tooth decay treatment are dental fillings. “Are cavities reversible?” might be a common question people ask themselves but aren’t sure about the answer. Don’t worry! North Pointe Dental Associates’ team will break down six natural ways that will help you prevent cavities and tooth decay.

Change your eating habits

First and foremost, you should change your diet and try to reduce sugar intake. Changing your eating habits can indeed reverse tooth decay. Our experts suggest you begin consuming foods and drinks rich in calcium because it’s the leading building component of bones and teeth. Also, consider refraining from drinking sweetened beverages such as sodas, juices or fizzy drinks because the sugar they contain can cause excessive plaque build up. Remember to pay attention to what you eat or drink!

Oral care routine

Brush and floss your teeth! Brush at least twice a day and floss at least once in order to remove any remaining food from underneath the gums. In addition to brushing and flossing, consider using a mouthwash that will help remove any bacteria left in the mouth.

Add vitamins and supplements

Another example of how to reverse cavities is to increase the intake of vitamins and supplements. Certain vitamins will help you produce saliva that prevents bacteria from staying on your teeth. Vitamins that will help you reverse cavities are vitamin B, D, magnesium, and iron. When it comes to consuming supplements you should eat whole grain foods and seafood.

Eat food with natural probiotics

When there is an infection, bad bacteria in your mouth search for places to hide. These places are mainly small areas between teeth. If you consume food that has natural probiotics, it will help to offset the acidic pH. Food rich in probiotics stimulates the production of healthy bacteria that will impact plaque build up. Dentists suggest you eat kombucha, kefir, kimchee or sauerkraut.

Be aware of the pH values of food

Imbalanced pH levels can create a perfect environment for bad bacteria. If you’re an enthusiastic coffee drinker then you have to be aware that coffee will create pH imbalances. Think about other alternatives such as green tea which is healthy and will help improve your oral health.

Oral care regime

Dentists suggest a technique called oil pulling for cleaning your teeth. In order to oil pull, take a spoonful of oil and swish it between your teeth for 5-20 minutes. Any oil will work, but coconut oil seems to be the most popular. Don’t forget to brush your teeth afterward.

Give your cavities the attention they need!

If you experience any tooth decay symptoms, make sure you follow the above steps to reverse cavities and prevent tooth decay. However, if a cavity has already struck, call us today at  (813) 961-1727 and schedule a dental treatment. You don’t want cavities left untreated! Exercising good oral hygiene and maintaining your dental health is a key to the overall well-being.

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