Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Wear a Night Guard

Let’s say you are sitting in your dentist’s office in Tampa waiting for them to start their cleaning. You are praying that you have no cavities. What happens when they come in and suggest that you start wearing a night guard? Should you be alarmed? Maybe you want to visit another dentist in Tampa because you can’t bear it. Well, there are actually a lot of benefits to wearing a night guard. So, instead of running away from your dentist in Tampa check out these five good reasons.

  1. Excessive Wear

    Wearing a night guard protects your teeth from excessive wear and tear. This is because people tend to grind their teeth at night while they are asleep. Teeth grinding on teeth are a major problem. It can cause your teeth to wear down and cause damage to your enamel. Having a plastic buffer will protect your teeth from this.

  2. Keeping Your Teeth In Place with a Night Guard

    Your teeth actually move, or rather drift. So, by wearing a night guard you actually keep them in place. Wouldn’t you want all that money spent on braces and dental cosmetic surgery to be well spent? Protect your teeth by keeping them in place and aligned.

  3. Relaxed Bite

    A night guard will allow for you to have a good bite while you sleep. By this, we mean that your facial muscles will be relaxed and that your bite will be in a good position.

  4. Prevents Snoring

    Did you know that a night guard can help you with snoring? Your night guard actually creates a small space that allows for air to flow more efficiently, which in turn allows you to breathe better while you sleep.

  5. Bone Loss Splint

    As mentioned earlier, your teeth tend to drift. If you experienced bone loss, this can be a big problem. By wearing this you can effectively have it act as a splint. It will keep your teeth in your mouth because it will prevent them from drifting. Drifting due to bone loss tends to be more common with older patients.

So next time your dentist mentions night guards, you can rest assured that they are truly beneficial and not something to run away from. Check out more of our helpful blogs here! Also feel free to contact us for an appointment at (813) 961-1727.

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