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Is Wearing a Night Guard Worth It?

If you’ve ever watched television, you have probably seen some poor adolescent wearing a night guard to bed, feeling so embarrassed by it. Mouth guards have somewhat of a reputation of being “uncool” or unnecessary. If your Tampa dentist has recommended wearing a night guard, there is likely a very good reason for it. Night guards have a great deal of benefits for your oral health, and your Tampa dentist will thank you for taking their advice.

Why You Can Wear Night Guard

Relieving Headaches and Jaw Pain

A huge complaint for patients that are ultimately recommended a night guard by their best Tampa dentist is pain when they wake up. Whether it is in the form of a headache, neck tension, or pain when moving the jaw, this can be hugely inconvenient. A night guard keeps the upper and lower teeth apart while you sleep, meaning the clenching causing your pain is greatly reduced throughout the night.

Protecting your Teeth

Those with chronic jaw pain often find they have damaged their teeth while they sleep. The jaw is a very powerful part of the body, and with intense pressure and the back and forth grinding motion that occurs, your teeth are susceptible to cracks, chips, and even just being worn down. Wearing a mouth guard protects the teeth from coming in contact, thus keeping your teeth safe.

Reduces Snoring

Though not directly related to jaw pain, snoring is a huge complain for patients and their partners. When wearing a mouth guard, you are forcing a gap in the teeth and mouth, allowing more air to pass through. This should help improve your snoring, and subsequently your sleeping habits as well.

Whether you choose to get a custom fitted mouth guard from your Dentist or an over the counter drug store option, mouth guards offer huge benefits. Investing in your oral health is key to living pain free and maintaining a beautiful smile. If you are interested in a custom mouth guard, call us today at North Pointe Dental to schedule a fitting or learn more.

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