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What is a Dental Crown?

Before we get into what dental crowns ARE, let’s first be clear on what they ARE NOT. They are not dental bridges. Both crowns and bridges are procedures performed by your cosmetic dentist in Tampa but that’s where the similarities end. While a dental bridge replaces teeth that are absent, a dental crown covers existing teeth that are damaged. A crown is also known as a cap.

Is Dental Crown is Must For You

Although your cosmetic dentist in Tampa may recommend a dental crown for various reasons, here are the most common ones:

  • Both to conceal and provide extra support for tooth with large fillings and very little tooth left.
  • To recondition a broken tooth or one that has been ground down.
  • To keep a weakened or fractured tooth from breaking apart.
  • As a means of protecting a dental implant.
  • To disguise severely stained, yellowed or malformed teeth.

There are several types of crowns available, some temporary, others permanent. These days, the three most common permanent crowns are metals, ceramic and metal-infused porcelain. Below, is a little about each.


Gold alloy, palladium, nickel and chromium are all illustrations of metals used in dental crowns. The resiliency of metal crowns is what enables them to endure your constant chewing and biting. And what results in few chips and cracks. Out of all the dental crowns available, metal is considered by many to be the most robust of all materials. The only drawback is it’s coloring which is also why metal crowns are typically relegated to the molars.

Metal-Infused Porcelain

Unlike metal crowns, porcelain crowns can be customized to the color of nearby teeth. Aside from ceramic, metal-infused porcelain crowns do look the most like real teeth. The downside of porcelain is that they’re less durable than metals and have a tendency to damage easily.


This porcelain-based crown is ideal for front teeth because of its superb color-matching capabilities. With a material less delicate than metal, it could not withstand powerful biting. Another reason why it makes the perfect solution for front teeth.

Stainless steel is also available, but is employed as a temporary fix due to its cost-efficiency. Thus, it works well as a solution for children who need to crown a baby tooth.

All permanent dental crowns are made to last between five and fifteen years. In addition to normal wear and tear, the life span of your crown depends on your oral hygiene routine as well as your behaviors. Teeth grinding, clenching, fingernail biting and chewing ice are all examples of oral behaviors that should be avoided to extend the life of your dental crown.

When you need to conceal deeply damaged teeth, consult your cosmetic dentist in Tampa with a call to the North Pointe Dental office. You can reach a member of our friendly staff by calling (813) 961-1727. Alternatively, send a message to us online.

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