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What is Orofacial Pain?

If you’ve ever experience pain in your face or oral cavity, then you’ve had orofacial pain. This particular oral issue can be caused by a number of factors and even has specialized Tampa dentists to provide care. This diagnosis, treatment, and management of orofacial pain can vary from patient to patient, but the field has been constantly evolving as more on this condition is discovered and treatments are prescribed. Speak with your Tampa dentist to find out more information.

How You Can Get Relief From Orofacial Pain

The first and most obvious factor for this condition is pain. Many patients with this problem experience in the jaw, neck, or head. Some patients experience discomfort while chewing and swallowing, while others have difficulty moving their neck or head due to pain. Orofacial pain can cause pain in a number of areas depending on the root cause of the pain, so it is important to speak with your Tampa dentist and in order seek out medical help if you believe this is the cause of your oral pain.

Treatment for orofacial pain might vary depending on what are believed to be the causes of your pain. Your cosmetic dentist Tampa should get your complete medical history and be aware of any prior oral conditions or surgeries prior to prescribing any treatment. You may be treated with head and neck massages to ease tension build up due to oral facial pain, or your dentist may repair any damaged teeth that could be causing pain.

Causes for orofacial pain are wide ranging, not limited to ulcers, tooth damage, neurological issues, or even oral cancer. It is important to discuss any oral problem with your dentist and do not prolong a visit if you believe you are experience severe orofacial pain. This condition can range from severe pain to only minor discomfort, but it is always important to notify your dentist of any pain as this could be signs of other damage or disease within the mouth.

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