What is the Purpose of Fluoride?

At North Pointe Dental, a Tampa general dentist, you can receive fluoride in the form of a varnish, gel, or foam for a fast and easy treatment. These treatments typically involve a very high level of fluoride, the purpose of fluoride is for concentrated treatment and tooth fortification.

Why a Dentist Will Use Fluoride for Your Treatment

Although it is ingested throughout our life span, intake purpose of fluoride is critical between the ages of six months and sixteen years, as it allows the primary and permanent teeth to develop without significant mineral loss. According to The National Health Service UK, a study comparing levels of tooth decay of young children in areas with fluoridated drinking water to tooth decay levels of children without fluoridated drinking water found sixty percent less tooth decay among the kids living in areas with fluoridated water. Adults can also benefit from supplementary fluoride intake, as it can fight existing tooth decay and remineralize adult teeth. Some people with conditions like chronic dry mouth or dry mouth due to an illness, and people taking certain medications like antihistamines or anti-anxieties may be more prone to tooth decay; this makes fluoride supplementation very important. Even having a history of frequent cavities may be aided with supplementary use of fluoride. People with gum disease or periodontits can also benefit from fluoride use, especially during the early stage known as gingivitis. Studies show that fluoride is safe for ingestion and use by children and adults, and fluoridation of water supplies has been endorsed by the American Dental Association since the 1950’s. Water fortified with fluoride creates an easily-accessible source of fluoride for people whose diets or oral health regimens do not include enough fluoride.

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