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What North Pointe Dental Associates has to Offer You

Services we offer include installation of dental crowns and bridges, root canal procedures, tooth implants, dental bonding, full dentures, partial dentures, creation and installation of veneers, emergency dentistry, Invisalign, TMJ and TMD therapy, and sleep apnea therapy. North Pointe Dental can also restore mouths that show damage from disease and tooth injury to help patients maintain a high level of oral health and self-confidence. Dr. Pross, Dr. Kanter, Dr B. Tindell and Dr M. Tindell’s team have passions ranging from full mouth reconstruction to periodontal surgery.

North Pointe Dental

Offers of North Pointe Dental

By continuously attending education seminars and courses, we guarantee skill and ability to use the latest dental technology. We believe that it is imperative to provide safety, comfort, and a caring approach for all of our patients. Our patients’ needs always come first at North Pointe Dental Associates. Although many people feel afraid, or hesitant at the thought of visiting dental offices, we know that personalized service and a commitment to our patients can make a world of a difference. Preventative oral health involves not only improved at-home hygiene practices, but also maintenance by a dental expert. North Pointe Dental Associates can provide a level of expertise that is truly above all other practices. If patients are afraid of visiting the dentist, their oral health can decay rapidly; we know that a close relationship with patients is the best way to adapt our services to their desires and preferences. We use a gentle touch to ensure that pain is virtually nonexistent.

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