You Can Treat Dental Implants Exactly as You Would Treat Your Natural Teeth

Without teeth, a face may sag or appear sunken. With dental implants, you can retain the natural shape of your face, and the natural beauty of your smile. You can treat dental implants like you natural teeth.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Healthy bone remains protected with the use of implants, where it would normally deteriorate in the event of a missing tooth. Implants are the only dental restoration procedure that can do this, as other options do not allow the bone to retain its function. Within a year, they can be completely integrated into the bone, creating a permanent replacement for natural teeth. It keeps your teeth in your mouth, instead of a cup. There’s no hassle like there is with dentures, and you can treat them exactly as you would treat your natural teeth- brushing and flossing like usual. They don’t slip around or require constant repositioning.

You can also speak and eat easy knowing that you won’t have difficulties pronouncing some words, and can bite into your favorite foods. You even get the added benefit of no cavities or decay. Dental Implants are not subject to decay and cavities, but the gums, surrounding tissue and other teeth will be, so it’s still important to keep up a good oral hygiene regimen with regular visits to your Tampa dentist. Implants protect your healthy teeth without any requirement to grind them down, like what is required for a bridge. They are predictable, easy to adjust and require minimal attention.

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