Your Dental Home for General & Cosmetic Dentistry

Finding a dental home can be difficult. While families search to no avail for the perfect pediatrician or physician, finding a Tampa dentist proves just as important. North Pointe Dental Associates can provide you with that home that your teeth so desperately need. Whether it’s general or cosmetic dentistry, find a dentist where you and your family can feel comfortable, cared for and secure.

Services of General & Cosmetic Dentistry

When looking for a dental home, you must do your research. Check out your projected dental home’s website, and do your homework on the kind of care they provide. At North Pointe Dental Associates, the staff holds an enthusiasm for its clients and dentistry that is unmatched by any cosmetic dentistry in Tampa. In 2011, 2012 and 2013, North Pointe received the Angie’s List Super Service Award consecutively for their passion for people and providing individual care and attention to their teeth.

Dr. Pross, Dr. Kanter, Marc S. Tindell and Barrett I. Tindell’s excellent credentials provide patients with the secure care they deserve. They create raving fans of North Pointe, eager to come back for dependable service.

To make sure North Pointe is truly your dental home, read the array of testimonials that can attest to a high standard of service, efficiency and kindness. One testimonial by Jennifer Murphy states, “Amazing staff and service! The staff at North Pointe is always so friendly and personable. When you leave there, you know that they are not trying to talk you into getting work done that is not needed. They are truly honest. And again, cannot express enough just how friendly everyone is here!”

Testimonies such as the latter provide patients with the clear and concise direction they need for finding a dental home. In addition, North Pointe takes the time to catalog the smiles they have brought about over the years. Tangibly view the cosmetic dentistry in their smile gallery and witness the incredible results that you’d expect from your own dental home. The cosmetic dentistry provided consists of dental implants, dental bonding, porcelain veneers, invisalign, full mouth reconstruction, and teeth whitening.

Your dental home should want to make you feel good about your smile. This means that not only should it provide premium cosmetic dentistry, but general dentistry as well. North Pointe’s general practices consist of dental crowns, dental bridges, root canal therapy, dental implants, dental bonding, dentures and partials, TMJ/TMD and sleep apnea.

Look for real patients with real stories to support you in your decision to make North Pointe your new dental home. North Pointe even provides patients with after business hours to fulfill their dental needs. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, North Pointe extends its hours to 7 pm for the benefit of their patients.

So consider North Pinte as your future dental home; not just because of their high quality dental care but also because of their drive to help and serve you. Peter J said, “After 29 years of pain free perfect care at North Pointe, we now travel over 2 hours to make sure we never have to experience anything less. Well worth the drive.”

The patients speak for themselves. Make North Pointe your dental home today.

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