Your Teeth Whitening Options at North Pointe Dental

Are stained or discolored teeth making you feel too insecure or ashamed to show off your smile? Drugstore teeth whitening products may be a good temporary fix, but only teeth whitening options performed by your dentist in Tampa can provide the dazzling white appearance you want for your teeth.

Make Your Smile Beautiful with  Teeth Whitening

Your happiness is our number one priority; therefore, at North Pointe Dental Associates, we strive to give you the bright, brilliant smile of your dreams. With the most sophisticated teeth whitening options in Tampa, your smile can be made even and vibrant in as little time as possible. We also provide advanced take-home kits, so that you can maintain your professional whitening from the comfort of your home.

Whether you’re a fan of coffee, wine, tobacco, tea, or soda, you’ve probably experienced some level of staining and discoloration. Even age can play a role in discoloration of the teeth, as teeth naturally darken over time due to natural aging processes. With the most up-to-date technology, we can reverse this process, restoring vibrancy to your smile.

At North Pointe Dental Associates, Dr. Pross, Dr. Kanter Dr B. Tindell and Dr M. Tindell will take the time to fully examine your teeth in order to ascertain the cause of discoloration, and provide you with a whitening option that is the most appropriate. In as little time as possible, they will make sure you have pearly whites that last the test of time. Even patients with the most sensitive teeth can get the whitening results they want, without pain or discomfort. Depending on the level of whitening you may need, they can use NiteWhite® ACP Teeth Whitening Gel, Zoom!®, or a combination of both.

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