Is my child ready for braces?

May 16th, 2019|

As a parent, you may be wondering whether or not braces are an option for your child or is the child ready for braces. If your child has teeth that have grown in crooked, it may be wise to consider the types of braces they can wear for straightening their teeth. Our first recommendation toward [...]

The Advantages of Dental Implants

April 26th, 2019|

Have you heard of dental implants? Dental implants often referred to as replacement teeth, are an amazing cosmetic dentistry service that is offered at North Pointe Dental Associates. If you have suffered issues with your gum tissues or feel the need to have a tooth replacement, it’s time to begin considering whether dental implants are [...]

5 Ways Veneers Can Transform Your Smile

March 14th, 2019|

Choosing veneers can transform your smile in as little as two appointments. Whether it be the appearance of your teeth or an awkward bite, veneers can certainly solve these issues for you. The right veneers are a quick way to a beautiful smile and can instantly improve feelings of overall self-confidence. To provide you with [...]

Top Benefits of Invisalign

October 15th, 2018|

It’s likely that you’ve overheard the mention of Invisalign. After all, 25 percent of adults are Invisalign users and it’s a continued choice for teens when faced with options for dental braces. Yet, if you’re unaware of the numerous benefits that Invisalign has, allow this article to become a resource for all your need-to-know’s. We’ve [...]

Dental Implants – What Determines Success and Failure

March 7th, 2018|

Dental inserts are displayed to patients as immaculate or close ideal substitutions to their missing teeth. Seldom are they educated about the dangers and directed on the disappointment rates but what is the dental implants success and failure rate. The systems can have genuine outcomes and aren't great. Inserts can and do come up short. [...]

What Are the Vital Facts About Dental Fixed Bridge?

March 6th, 2018|

After the loss of teeth, various individuals experience issues putting stock in the accessible answers for supplanting the missing teeth. Considering the estimation of the work done by the teeth, numerous are occupied with finding strong dental substitutions. The dental bridges are a very much wanted technique for settling any lost teeth and this is [...]

5 Amazing Benefits of Getting Dental Crowns

March 5th, 2018|

In the event that your teeth are harmed or ineffectively formed, this is probably going to influence your grin and certainty. Such a heartbreaking circumstance will keep you from encountering life minus all potential limitations. Keeping in mind the end goal to disguise unattractive dental imperfections, researchers have imagined a stunning arrangement that will give [...]

We Specialize in Invisalign

March 2nd, 2017|

Invisalign is a bracket and wire-free, removable, minimally interfering alternative method to straighten your teeth. Instead of wearing brackets and wires on your teeth, you wear comfortable aligner trays made specifically for you. The aligner trays are made of smooth, comfortable plastic and are essentially invisible when you wear them over your teeth. The alignment [...]

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