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4 Things to Know About Oral Health and Pregnancy

Is the baby on board!? If so, you have so many things to think about right now. There are a lot of changes your body will experience during this exciting time. Taking care of your overall health is extremely important for wellbeing of both you and your newborn. We know you may have a lot on your mind but it’s crucial that you don’t neglect the importance of oral hygiene.

Simply stated, you don’t want to have problems with teeth and gums due to poor oral hygiene.

When a woman is pregnant, her changes in hormones may cause oral health issues such as gum disease or pregnancy tumors.

Pregnancy and oral health are connected; all the future mothers should follow certain oral hygiene tips so they don’t need to worry.

Pregnancy gingivitis

Hormones play an important role because without them you wouldn’t be able to make a baby. However, they can also be responsible for swelling of your gums while pregnant which can lead to a condition known as pregnancy gingivitis. Frequent bleeding of gums during pregnancy should be a sign to visit your dentist and he/she might suggest more frequent teeth cleanings.

At home, continue brushing and flossing regularly, use soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste that will prevent plaque build-up.

Pregnancy tumors

Pregnancy tumors are not as scary as they sound. These tumors occur due to hormonal changes while pregnant and they aren’t malignant. The small round raised areas on the gums usually appear during the second trimester. If they cause discomfort, it’s possible that your dentist removes them, but they normally disappear on their own after the baby is born.

Morning sickness and your teeth

Morning sickness follows many women during pregnancy. It may be concerning to them because the acid from their stomachs can be so strong to be partly responsible for tooth erosion. The same thing can happen if you suffer from heartburn or acid reflux at a later stage of your pregnancy. Our dentists recommend to not brush your teeth immediately after a bout of morning sickness. Instead, mix a teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of water, rinse your mouth with it and then brush.

Visit your dentist

Taking care of yourself and your baby means visiting your dentist regularly even during pregnancy. Make sure you tell the dentist about the pregnancy as soon as you know so they can adjust or postpone any potential treatment or medications.

Seeing your dentist for dental cleaning or dental X-ray is completely safe and the second trimester is the best time to have dental procedures such as cavity filling or cleaning, done. Taking care of your good oral health during pregnancy should be one of your objectives. Keep up the good work at home and do the regular brushing and flossing.

Your North Pointe Dental Associates dentist is always at your service to keep your pregnancy a healthy one. Call us today at (813) 961-1727 and schedule your appointment! Good dental care and healthy teeth is what you need!

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